What’s your sector focus at Granger Reis and why do you like it?
I focus on construction and infrastructure sectors in the UK and the US. I find it exciting because we work with some of the best companies in those sectors, which deliver projects that shape and transform landscapes, towns, cities, and regions.

What excites you about the future for the executive search industry?
We already see more and more clients focusing on bringing more diversity of thought into their leadership teams. It Is exciting that candidates are increasingly being assessed on alignment of values, transferable skills and their potential rather than just specific experience. Looking beyond the obvious and relying less on simply “who knows who” is very exciting for the future of the executive search industry.

In your opinion, what makes Granger Reis different?
First and foremost, Granger Reis genuinely cares. It is the first thing that became apparent when I came in for my first interview back in 2017. I was very pleasantly surprised. Recruitment is often seen as simply a sales business, but Granger Reis is truly a consulting business. We work with integrity and in partnership with our clients, becoming extension of them and take great pride in appointments we help businesses make.