Industrial Technologies

We are specialists in Industrial Technologies, from global manufacturing to clean technologies and battery ecosystems.

Heavy industry is at the forefront of the revolution needed to combat the global climate crisis. It requires huge technological innovation to achieve net zero, and we are committed to building this future with our clients.

We work with international manufacturers and clean innovators to transform the industrial landscape, one leader at a time. It is our responsibility to place those with the exact skillsets needed to lead the charge.

Our expertise lies in five key areas:


Our practice holds extensive experience within the global manufacturing market. We operate as a talent partner and advisor to major Fortune 500 and FTSE listed clients to source the right talent to take on future challenges.

Battery Ecosystems

Working across the battery ecosystem, from cell manufacture to recycling. A faster and sleeker battery value chain is an inevitable necessity of the world’s energy transition; however, battery innovation presents a host of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) challenges. We know where to find the talent ready to face these challenges.

Clean Technologies

Clean Technologies are responsible for driving global decarbonization and net zero goals, working across industrial electrification, battery value chains, power storage and carbon capture. These technologies have the ability to deliver considerable action against the devastating effects of climate change. We partner with industry leading businesses driving the green revolution, sourcing their central powerhouse, their people.

Venture Capital & Private Equity

We work with venture capital firms investing in ethical innovation and geared towards driving a sustainable future. These funds, and their leaders, have the opportunity to shape the global sustainability landscape and be a force for radical good.

Water technologies

Water management is central to securing long term sustainability across the globe. Granger Reis partner with industry-leading water technology and processing businesses to solve water, wastewater and process challenges internationally.

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