Supply Chain, Procurement and Operations

When properly managed, a company’s supplier network can deliver a positive impact for the organisation, economy and the world at large.

Today’s consumers care about the origins of the products they purchase. They want to buy from companies that reflect their values. In line with this, businesses are increasingly conscientious about every aspect of their delivery models.

And, although supply chains and logistics are growing in complexity, those at the forefront of innovation create competitive advantage and market differentiation.

People are at the heart of this change, with those that enable responsible, progressive supply chains seeing significant growth, at the same time as building company-wide resilience to geopolitical events.

Our clients are seeking these innovative, pioneering business leaders who demonstrate functional excellence in the end-to-end Supply Chain, Procurement and Operations functions.

We make sure that they find them.

These are leaders with specific expertise and experience in driving the conceptual and operational implementation of digitized supply chain management with world-class optimised manufacturing footprints that drive efficiencies between the supply chain, operations and customers.

Typically, they are corporate functional experts in:

  • Supply Chain Management and Planning 

  • Innovation and R&D 

  • Procurement and Sourcing

  • Operations Management

  • Distribution, Logistics and Customer Services

Across all the industries in which we operate – Natural Resources, Infrastructure, Real Estate, Energy and Industrial Technologies – our bespoke search teams secure candidates that shape the future of businesses and broaden focus outside their immediate competitive environment.

This allows us to select candidates from adjacent markets that will bring innovative solutions to transform their respective organisations.

Granger Reis is on a B Corp mission, prioritising support for companies who share a similar journey with a clear focus on their corporate social responsibility.

Through this, we aim to deliver a significant impact in the Real Estate & Industrial industries, which have the largest potential impact on the future of our planet, to deliver on our promise of influential change.

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