Our climate positive statement

The protection of our planet is now business critical.

Climate positive business earthly

As a company with ‘influential change’ at the heart of everything we do, we want to inspire change and encourage more businesses - through the individuals we secure to lead them - to address climate change with meaningful action.

We’re proud to lead by example in this regard, by teaming up with Earthly (the experts dedicated to removing carbon, restoring nature and reversing climate change and the biodiversity collapse), to officially become a Climate Positive business!


This means we balance more greenhouse gas emissions than we produce – which means that if we hadn't supported these projects, that there would be a higher likelihood of the forest burning now and releasing more CO2e.

In 2021, this footprint came to 122.04 tonnes of carbon for the entirety of Granger Reis, or 3.31 tonnes per Granger Reis employee. To go climate positive, we then offset a further 20% of our emissions total to reach 147 tonnes of carbon - the equivalent of 1,617 hours of flight time!

In addition to this, we also supported the tree planting initiative in Madagascar – where 1 tree is planted for every tonne offset, as well as the tree planting initiative in Kenya, where we planted an additional 100 trees.


How did we balance our footprint?

After calculating our carbon footprint, we wanted to invest in Earthly projects that could drive real change. It was important to us to choose projects in multiple locations to ensure a global impact and include innovative projects too.

We shared all the Earthly projects with our employees and found the following resonated with the team...

Projects supported


Seaweed Farming Innovation

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Planting Mangroves in Madagascar

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Mai Ndombe


Tist Kenya

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Agroforestry - Tree Planting Initiative

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Reasons to believe

What’s next?

Our B Corp Journey

The task of offsetting and going climate positive is an annual process, requiring a yearly calculation of our carbon footprint that could account for a set amount of employees.

We have committed to completing this annually to remain a Climate Positive Business, alongside striving to become a certified B-Corp.

This is a business that meets the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose.

We want to put our money where our mouth is and benefit our environment, employees and wider community as a whole.

We submitted our B Impact Assessment in February 23, and are excited to be on this journey of positive change.