What Drives Us

We're not fighting the old, we're building the new

As global Executive Search specialists in Advanced Technology, Natural Resources and Real Assets, we understand the challenges of modern leadership in constantly changing business landscapes. But we also know the positive opportunities this change presents.

Since we set out in 2008, we've always strived for better. The connections we’ve built continuously aim to shape the world positively – establishing us as a B Corp organisation which commits us to Net Zero and more.

To do this, we use both bespoke AI tools and cutting-edge search technology to drive our process – saving time, enhancing talent pools, and identifying the ideal candidates to help make businesses stronger and more sustainable.


Our Guiding Principles

We are always focused on doing the very best for our employees and clients. We’re in it together to push everyone toward success. To do this, we stick to four guiding principles.


Environmental, Social, Governance

We put sustainability and people at the heart of our decision-making – to search the planet and find people who will change it for the better.

But to do this, we must walk the walk ourselves. So, we’re constantly driving for better sustainability and greater diversity across our own business and beyond.


Technology and Innovation

We are the B Corp Executive Search company that uses the power of technology to streamline and optimise your recruitment journey. We’re committed to creating solid relationships between exceptional people and insightful technology – to steamroll positive change for the world.


Meet the trailblazers

Our success is rooted in our team's skills, commitment and knowledge.

We’re made up of a diverse group of people with a shared desire to make a difference. By creating an open, honest, ‘always learning’ culture that celebrates big, bold, brave thinking, we’ve built a progressive, inclusive, collaborative team of industry-leading talent passionate about driving change through technology.

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