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We are experts in Executive Search, driven by our purpose, to use the power of technology to streamline and optimise your recruitment journey. We’re committed to creating solid relationships between exceptional people and insightful technology – to steamroll positive change for the world.

Our tech saves time whilst delivering more

Time is the biggest obstacle for clients and researchers alike. It’s impossible to give every search the level of attention it deserves by hand. That’s why we harness the power of AI to free up team members and clients and return a richer, more diverse search.

Talent data should be insightful, relevant, and collected fast to support business leaders with their most critical people decisions. Our advanced AI algorithms transform raw data into actionable insights - simplifying the decision-making process for all involved.

Most firms will look within their network and connections, but we push beyond with machine learning – using research-backed data to identify your ideal candidates within a matter of hours, which would take a colleague days or even weeks to achieve. This helps us break down historical ‘club-like’ talent pools by casting our search further, whilst freeing up time for work that requires a human touch.


We’ve co-created a conversational AI system that’s transformed the search experience

Unlike typical software tools, sits within GR as a team member, seamlessly integrating into the workforce, comprehending and navigating the intricate dynamics of senior placements and relationship management.

Leveraging state-of-the-art machine learning and AI language models, efficiently handles tasks often perceived as mundane or time-consuming, such as conducting on-demand market research, analysing candidate profiles and CVs, and drafting content. By optimising workflow and ensuring optimal candidate fit, currently saves approximately one hour per day for each team member. Meaning less time spent trawling through processes, and less time spent returning your ideal talent shortlist.

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