What we do

Executive Search

We made a promise: to search our planet to find the people who will change it for the better. It’s a promise we take very seriously, and we draw on both our domain and sector expertise and leading new technologies to help us identify potential from all types of backgrounds.

We need to make sure we truly understand the strategic objective of any hire to mitigate the risk of failure. As a talent partner, we commit to exploring the nuances of our clients’ business — the culture, structure and ambition — in order to maximise the chance of success; whether that be Non-Executive Directors, Board members, Operating company leadership or Programme/Technical leadership.

We’re forensic in our drive for feedback, because it’s the way we will get better at what we do. Our clients and candidates deserve an excellent experience as well as excellent service, and all our work is assessed by a third party using the Net Promoter Scoring system. Our commitment to what we deliver is as important as how we do it. We believe that’s what makes us different.

How we do it

We take an analytical approach to client briefing, leveraging our knowledge whilst gathering insight to guide our search. We harness technology to lead initial research, as it’s key to the delivery of diverse talent pools. We’ve spent years perfecting our process. We know it works.

We establish clear lines of accountability and leadership for client delivery, with cognitively diverse teams supporting every project. Our people are measured on and rewarded for collaboration, because it’s how we make sure we’re always doing what is best for our clients. We need to ask ourselves questions, and hear answers from minds that think differently.

We insist on total transparency, with client portals allowing projects to be monitored from start to finish. Updated in real time, our clients have access to the most pertinent information at every stage of the search process, with the reassurance that we prioritise data protection best practice and legislation (e.g. GDPR) in our handling of personal data. Our responsibility to uphold client and candidate confidentiality is one we take extremely seriously. Trust is built on integrity.

We’re always learning, iterating and improving everything we do, every time we do it. Our NPS scores are published at the end of every project and we use a third party partner, Radius Insights, to gather feedback that helps our development teams enhance every aspect of our service. Growth has to be active. We’re not perfect, but we’re working on it.

The Search Process

Briefing Finding Candidates Picking The Right People Debriefing

1. Pre-Briefing

We use data insights to identify trends that may affect candidate profile or role criteria.

2. Client Briefing

We meet with the client to establish company culture, appointment goals and critical success factors for the hire in order to build a project brief to ensure understanding is aligned and outcomes set out.

3. Internal Briefing

We review the brief internally to identify the team best suited (and any additional resources required) to deliver the project and develop a hiring programme that is shared with the client.

4. Identifying Candidates

We consult analytics from multiple data sources in addition to our own industry networks in order to identify diverse prospective talent.

5. Interviewing Candidates

We manage a thorough candidate interview process supplemented by additional assessment (including psychometric testing, natural language processing and cultural alignment) where required.

6. Shortlists

We build shortlists collaboratively and transparently, working alongside our clients in real time to provide in depth, carefully considered candidate insight and recommendation.

7. Client Interviews

We support the development of candidate presentations to allow them to be seen in their best light and guide clients on the areas of focus that will enable them to make transparent, informed decisions.

8. Assessments

We vary candidate assessment tools in line with core role criteria (cultural fit, business drivers etc.) and advancements in market solutions.

9. Offers

We manage the end to end offer process, ensuring candidate circumstance, position and expectations are considered in terms of market averages and client budget and conclude references at the point of verbal acceptance.

10. Onboarding

We assist with onboarding planning and preparation, in particular where there is the added complexity of new hires joining businesses virtually.

11. Post-assignment follow ups

We use an independent third party customer experience partner, Radius Insights, to review the assignment process with clients and candidates (including those who have been unsuccessful), feeding all learnings back into the business in order to continuously evolve the way we work and enhance our service. We follow up with all placements at 3, 6 and 12 month milestones to establish experience and progress and identify any issues or challenges — the inevitable teething problems that come with joining a new organisation — that require our support, both to the candidate and the client.

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