Guiding Principles

Our Guiding Principles

We want everyone to succeed – from within our business, our client’s businesses, and across the planet.

To do this, we align every business move we make with our four guiding principles. They keep us focussed and grounded when working toward our objectives.

Inhabit change Celebrate authenticity Agility loves simplicity Telling inconvenient truths

We encourage our clients to think bigger. To think about the impact their next hire can have on topics such as climate change, inclusion and diversity. This is exactly what we work to within our own businesses.

Our B Corp status reflects our commitment to Net Zero – and we’re devoted to establishing a diverse workforce with a solid environment to nurture everyone’s careers.


Whatever your religion, ethnicity, race or sexuality – everyone should be treated with equality, openness & acceptance.

Every employee is offered training that teaches inclusivity and the ability to embrace the authentic self. We are pushing for long-term, constructive change in our people so that they can bring the best version of themselves to work.


Using the latest technology, we harness efficient ways to progress our sector specialisms and our own business.

We constantly seek out methods to make our working process simpler and easier, using technology to free us from time-consuming processes, to give us more time for deeper, more analytical work.


As experts in our sectors, hard truths are essential for driving positive change. We call it ‘respectful friction’. Facing facts means we can work to effectively solve problems together.

We tell everyone what they need to hear. We’re not afraid to voice our opinion or make ourselves heard above the noise.


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