The protection of our planet is now business critical.

Our mission of ‘influential change’ means we aim to put sustainability and people at the heart of our decision making and impact.

As a business that promises to “search the planet to find the people who will change it for the better” we are aware we must also walk the walk.

This has taken us on a significant change journey. And, while we are by no means perfect, we are making progress.

B Corp

We became an official Certified B Corp in February 2024 and are proud to be part of a global community of mission-driven companies dedicated to using business as a force for good.

To qualify as a B Corp, an organisation must have a clear social and environmental assignment. This sits alongside a legally binding responsibility to provide better quality outcomes for workers, the community, and the environment, as well as shareholders.

Our standards of governance and financial responsibility are also a key component of this and we are looking forward to furthering our efforts across all areas of accountability.


We also teamed up with Earthly in 2022. Earthly is dedicated to removing carbon, restoring nature and reversing climate change.

This partnership helps us reduce our carbon footprint and compensate for residual emissions by supporting high-quality nature-based projects.

Put simply, it means we balance more greenhouse gas emissions than we produce.

In 2022, our footprint came to 222.30tonnes of carbon for the entirety of Granger Reis, or 6.01 tonnes per Granger Reis employee. To contribute even more positively, we also offset a further 10% of our emissions to reach 245 tonnes of carbon - the equivalent of 2,695 hours of flight time - or 250 round trips from London to New York.

In addition, we support a tree planting initiative in Madagascar, where one tree is planted for every tonne offset. This was also supplemented in 2023 by planting 100 trees through an initiative in Kenya.

It was important to us to choose projects in multiple locations to ensure a global impact, and include innovative projects in the UK, offsetting 120% of our footprint.

Discover Earthly’s article ‘What is Carbon Offsetting‘ for more information.

How did we balance our footprint?

After calculating our carbon footprint, we wanted to invest in Earthly projects which supported causes such as renewable energy and sustainable farming that could drive real change. It was important to us to choose projects in multiple locations to ensure a global impact and include innovative projects too.

We shared all the Earthly projects with our employees and found the following resonated with the team as carbon offset opportunities...

Projects supported


Seaweed Farming Innovation

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Planting Mangroves in Madagascar

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Mai Ndombe

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Tist Kenya

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Agroforestry - Tree Planting Initiative

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Our Suppliers

At Granger Reis, we are committed to maintaining the highest standards of ethical conduct and corporate responsibility worldwide.

Our Supplier Code of Conduct outlines our expectations for all suppliers and partners in regards to their behaviour towards their employees, the environment, and their operating methods.

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