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[{"title":"Obstacles and Opportunities Facing Manufacturing Leaders Post-COVID","thumb":"https:\/\/\/_landscape534X400\/article-4.jpg","category":{"label":"Industrial Technology Team","url":"https:\/\/\/blog\/industrial-technologies"},"postDate":"Sep 29, 2021","url":"https:\/\/\/blog\/obstacles-and-opportunities-facing-manufacturing-leaders-post-covid","excerpt":"Like many industries, the manufacturing sector has been impacted profoundly over the past eighteen months. The unprecedented outbreak of the global pandemic, compounded by Brexit negotiations, have left even the most capable organisations struggling to navigate unchartered waters. Yet amid this chaos, the sector has demonstrated a stern resilience, with the overwhelming majority (94 per cent) of organisations remaining operational throughout."},{"title":"Sustainable Leadership","thumb":"https:\/\/\/_landscape534X400\/article-5.jpg","category":{"label":"Industrial Technology Team","url":"https:\/\/\/blog\/industrial-technologies"},"postDate":"Apr 07, 2021","url":"https:\/\/\/blog\/sustainable-leadership","excerpt":"The introduction of global green recovery packages in recent months has sparked a renewed focus on decarbonisation practices for manufacturing firms. Yet, while research shows that awareness of net-zero ambitions is high amongst industry leaders, few have put their ambitions into action."},{"title":"Flexible working just took on another meaning","thumb":"https:\/\/\/_landscape534X400\/article-13.jpg","category":{"label":"Industrial Technology Team","url":"https:\/\/\/blog\/industrial-technologies"},"postDate":"Apr 15, 2020","url":"https:\/\/\/blog\/flexible-working-just-took-on-another-meaning","excerpt":"Last year, the CIPD reported that more than half of us (54%) worked flexibly in some way over the previous year. That can be defined as anything from hotdesking, to flexing start and finish hours, to working from home. A healthy-looking number, but look at that figure again in March 2020, after the global outbreak of COVID-19 and enforced government lockdowns, and you are likely to see a very different picture. Flexible working has taken on a whole new meaning as organisations have been forced to allow their employees to work from home- whether they previously permitted it or not."}]

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