[{"title":"Granger Reis appoints leading real estate figures to LandAid Committee","thumb":"https:\/\/\/granger-reis-2021\/_landscape534X400\/article-2.jpg","category":{"label":"News","url":"https:\/\/\/blog\/news"},"postDate":"Jan 14, 2021","url":"https:\/\/\/blog\/granger-reis-appoints-leading-real-estate-figures-to-landaid-committee","excerpt":"We are delighted to announce that our pro-bono services for leading property industry charity LandAid has led to the appointment of Jamie Lyon, European COO \/ CFO at LaSalle Investment Management and Marcus Shepherd CFO at U&I plc to the charity\u2019s Finance, Governance & Risk committee."},{"title":"Flexible working is effective working","thumb":"https:\/\/\/granger-reis-2021\/_landscape534X400\/article-3.jpg","category":{"label":"News","url":"https:\/\/\/blog\/news"},"postDate":"Nov 04, 2020","url":"https:\/\/\/blog\/flexible-working-is-effective-working","excerpt":"2020 has drastically changed the way we live our lives on a day-to-day basis. Over the past six months the working world has had to find a new way to function throughout the coronavirus pandemic as government lockdowns across the world enforced working from home and flexible working measures."},{"title":"Could \"new resilience\" be the key to navigating the new normal in the business world?","thumb":"https:\/\/\/granger-reis-2021\/_landscape534X400\/article-11.jpg","category":{"label":"News","url":"https:\/\/\/blog\/news"},"postDate":"Jun 05, 2020","url":"https:\/\/\/blog\/the-new-resilience","excerpt":"I have recently been pondering the role of leadership in times of profound change, particularly in light of Covid-19 and the global climate crisis. What kind of thinking will be able to successfully guide leaders through these strange times? Leaders, who have grown used to hearing how they need to be able to manage complexity and even hold opposing views in their minds simultaneously, now have even more to think about."},{"title":"Playing the Long Game: Why Relationship Building Leads to Successful Hires","thumb":"https:\/\/\/granger-reis-2021\/_landscape534X400\/article-20.jpg","category":{"label":"News","url":"https:\/\/\/blog\/news"},"postDate":"Feb 20, 2020","url":"https:\/\/\/blog\/a-healthy-appetite-for-hiring","excerpt":""}]

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