Obstacles and Opportunities Facing Manufacturing Leaders Post-COVID

“Covid-19 has presented a new opportunity for building a new economy with a renewed manufacturing sector at its heart. Manufacturers have proved to be natural problem-solvers, injecting fresh ideas to solve some of our biggest challenges. But the biggest challenge is yet to come. Now is the time for manufacturers to grasp the opportunities post Covid-19 to build a digital, global and green economy.”

Like many industries, the manufacturing sector has been impacted profoundly over the past eighteen months. The unprecedented outbreak of the global pandemic, compounded by Brexit negotiations, have left even the most capable organisations struggling to navigate unchartered waters. Yet amid this chaos, the sector has demonstrated a stern resilience, with the overwhelming majority (94 per cent) of organisations remaining operational throughout.

Featured in Manufacturing Management Granger Reis Partner, Manufacturing Andrew Kingston looks at the obstacles and opportunities for manufacturing leaders in the coming months.

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