Pivoting Companies Towards a Sustainable Future

Future Quest is an exclusive event taking place from June 19-21, 2024 in Copenhagen, Denmark. Hosted by Leaders’ Quest and TED Future Forum, this invite-only immersion is for CEOs, C-suite leaders, and other high-potential executives who are working to accelerate their companies’ transition to a sustainable future, hone their leadership, and prepare their companies for the disruptions ahead.

In this video, David Astorino (RHR International) and Jamie Page (Granger Reis) discuss their upcoming trip to Copenhagen as part of the TED Future Forum, where they will learn about solutions to climate change and how business leaders can address the challenge.

They highlight the importance of radical collaboration and bold business-led climate solutions and the shifting mindset of businesses towards sustainability and the complexities they encounter in balancing shareholder returns with sustainability goals.

Find out more about RHR and the work David Astorino does here

Video Highlights:

  • Ted Future Forum [01:00]
  • Business leaders and climate change [01:41]
  • Radical collaboration [02:45]
  • B Corp accreditation[05:00]
  • Equity and inclusion in executive search [08:18]
  • Granger Reis and its purposeful approach [10:51]
  • The importance of influential change [13:18]
  • Challenges and hesitations in adopting sustainability practices [16:17]
  • Visiting companies in Copenhagen [18:48]
  • Dreaming big and sweating the details [18:52]


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