Net Promoter Scores

By using an independent third party, Radius Insights, to measure our NPS (Net Promotor Score), we know when we’re doing things right, and learn how to get better. Numbers don’t lie. It’s the data of continuous improvement.

How it works
Keep talking, keep learning with regular feedback

Our client and candidate feedback programmes mean we keep listening and learning, continuously improving how we work. With regular reviews, open dialogue and transparent measurement by NPS (Net Promoter Score), we stay accountable for our actions and commit to getting better, every day.

Because it’s not just what we do. It’s how we do it.

Net Promotor Score Explained
  • Ask customers how likely they would be, on a scale of 0 to 10 where 10 is extremely likely, to recommend you to others.
  • Anyone who gives you a score of 9 or 10 is a ‘promoter’; 7 or 8 is a ‘passive’; 0 to 6 is a 'detractor'.
  • Calculate the percentage of customers that are promoters and detractors, then subtract the detractors from the promoters.
  • The result is your Net Promoter Score, and it could be anywhere from -100 to +100.
Candidate feedback

Alongside our client feedback programme, we talk regularly to candidates throughout the recruitment process, whether successful or not, to ensure that every individual has a supportive, inspiring and valued experience. After all, when you’re recruiting the world’s best talent, they need the best representation.

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