What’s your sector focus at Granger Reis and why do you like it?
I'm a Partner in the Mining & Metals practice and oversee our Supply Chain and Procurement functional focus across our global practices. Drawing upon my extensive experience working in Mining & Metals and Industrial Manufacturing, I have developed a robust network and broad understanding of top-tier candidates who are capable of driving performance and building resilience and sustainability within global supply chains and manufacturing operations.
My expertise in this area enables me to identify individuals who have a proven track record of enhancing business efficiency and profitability through the optimisation of manufacturing output. One of the most rewarding aspects of my work is partnering with clients to understand their specific challenges and providing tailored solutions by connecting them with the right people.
I particularly enjoy working across multiple geographies, with a special focus on the US. By understanding the unique identity, mission, and culture of an organisation, I am able to match them with talented individuals who possess the skills and experience necessary to help them achieve their goals.

What excites you about the future for the executive search industry?
Executive Search is evolving and has to adapt to deliver results. Search companies are becoming more advanced in providing a diverse service offering. We are more sophisticated, utilising technology and tools to further alleviate risk when companies hire their next leaders.
The industry will have to adapt further and engage head on with the major challenges facing today’s society.

In your opinion, what makes Granger Reis different?
Granger Reis is motivated by continuous improvement and is relentless in its drive to improve the experiences our clients and candidates have when working with the company. We are experts in our sectors and a valuable resource for our clients to help them tackle the major challenges faced by companies today.

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