What’s your sector focus at Granger Reis and why do you like it?
I operate across a range of regulated and public sector services, including utilities, transportation and major infrastructure programmes. The public service aspect of the organisations in these spaces really appeals to me, as well as the variety and impact of the work we do with our clients. Knowing that you are supporting organisations that have a direct and genuine positive impact on people's lives is energising.

What excites you about the future for the executive search industry?
Very simply, change and a move away from the little black book, towards a service that provides genuinely diverse solutions.

Using technology, combined with truly great people, the executive search sector, can offer true value and be an essential catalyst for necessary and disruptive change

In your opinion, what makes Granger Reis different?
Having been with Granger Reis from the beginning, for me it’s a relentless appetite for improving and evolving our approach. We have an incredibly diverse and talented team, that have all joined for the same reason…to genuinely offer an alternative to the traditional avenues of securing great leadership for our clients. It’s going to be lots of fun and lots of hard work!

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