What’s your sector focus at Granger Reis and why do you like it?
Natural Resources and specifically Mining and Metals. Mining has always been fascinating to me. The diversity of cultures I engage with and the positive effects that mining has on local communities and supporting economic growth, globally (whether that be through the supply of iron ore to aid in global infrastructure development through to progressive commodities such as Nickel and Lithium) is going to play a massive role in achieving sustainability targets, as an example through the EV growth.

What excites you about the future for the executive search industry?
I’ve always been excited by the positive impact we can make for our clients; talent is such an important element to how companies perform and grow. Having the right leaders is critical and the foundations of any good business. The role as an executive search professional has had to and continues to evolve. We are no longer just reliant on a ‘small black book’, we are industry expert advisors working in partnership with our clients to support them and challenge them in identifying their leaders of todays and tomorrow’s world, we search every corner to find the right fit.

In your opinion, what makes Granger Reis different?
Our culture and our people, we have a fantastic team who are genuinely obsessed with delighting our clients. We are relatable and want to build long term relationships. Being flexible and agile has and continues to enable us to be different, align this with our expert knowledge provides the perfect combination.

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