What’s your sector focus at Granger Reis and why do you like it?
I’m focused on Digital Infrastructure. The sector seems to be forever growing and evolving through what has been some difficult economic headwinds and there is no sign of it slowing down. The thirst for more data is not letting up! I am also focused on building Multi Search, establishing new delivery models cross functionally and working with partners to bring this to our customers.

What excites you about the future for the executive search industry?
There seems to be a trend towards the highly specialised consultancy who are genuine experts in their fields. There is also a responsibility for search firms to drive sustainability and diversity within customers and to contribute to wider global agendas.

In your opinion, what makes Granger Reis different?
Granger Reis is a search firm that genuinely embraces people and technology. At the forefront of the AI revolution in the sector, its truly exciting to be part of a firm that is moving the dial on what working in recruitment stands for.

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