Talent can be found in every corner

Our work spans four key global sectors: Infrastructure, Real Estate, Natural Resources, Industrial Technologies, with functional expertise in Supply Chain, Procurement and Operations.

We know our markets, trust our processes and have built far-reaching international networks, and harnessed new technology that allows us to search every corner of the world to find the people who will change it. The visionaries. The revolutionaries. A new power generation.

We understand the strengths, skill-sets and aspirations of the people out there already changing the game. We know the specifics. The nuances. The needs. We understand the culture of our sector’s core organisations. The strains and the challenges they face. We know the resourcing trends - from skills shortages to succession planning - and we know we always need to be one step ahead.

Our global impact

Climate change is the single largest threat facing humankind, the pace at which it’s transforming the landscape of our industries is unprecedented. Time is a luxury we don’t have.

We care about our impact. The impact on our sectors, our people and our planet. It’s at the forefront of everything we do. It’s a journey we take very seriously, because building a more sustainable workforce is ultimately what will transform our industries. It’s our responsibility to be part of the change. It’s a journey we want — and will continue — to share. Transparency is agency.

We’re not burying our head in the sand: the sectors in which we operate are amongst the most energy consumptive globally. Transformation in these industries is pivotal for our future - the future of the planet - and we need to play an active part in driving it. To be a catalyst for change.

It’s something each and every one of us are passionate about. That passion creates accountability on us as a business to discuss the uncomfortable truths: to acknowledge where we need to do better and act accordingly.


Energy & Infrastructure


Our clients finance, design, build and operate the infrastructure that is fundamental to the success of global economies. We have a passion for securing the talent that ensures these essential assets function at their optimal level.


Real Estate

Real Estate

With generational shifts, the global climate change threat and technological innovation making waves in global real estate, the challenge is more complex than ever for today’s leaders. As organisations assess the risks they will face, it’s our job to find the leaders equipped to navigate them.


Mining & Metals

Natural Resources

Our Natural Resources practice is a focused on three core areas; mining, metals and energy. Through our extensive international experience, we partner with our clients to secure senior leadership talent within their global operations.


Industrial Technologies

Industrial Technologies

We made a commitment to help build a more sustainable and inclusive world. With a global reputation across industrial technologies and building components, our teams appoint senior strategic leaders for companies across the Americas, Europe and Asia.


Supply Chain, Procurement and Operations

Supply Chain, Procurement & Operations

We specialise in identifying and placing leaders who can streamline global supply chains, improve manufacturing efficiency, and elevate quality through their expertise in digitalisation and their ability to foster inclusive environments.

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