Equality, Diversity & Inclusion

For all our futures

Our commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion

The many reasons organisations with inclusive cultures are successful have been proven time and again.
We see it in our everyday lives at GR: talented people want to work with colleagues from different backgrounds, mindsets, and life experience.

And people thrive when they are supported for who they are - not what box they tick.

We know the struggle is real. The revolution + evolution aspect of transformational change is still in process.

But forward-thinking organisations are on a fast-track journey to create an equitable workforce that ensures lasting and meaningful progress.

We believe this is better for all our futures.

Influencing change

At the heart of our company principles is a promise to help create the change we want to see.

Central to this is supporting our clients and partners fulfill their own pledge on equality, diversity and inclusion.

We know this makes stronger, more resilient and adaptable businesses – vital for the uncertain world we live in.

And, as people, we also believe it is at the heart of ensuring we live in a more sustainable and harmonious society.

Placing ED&I at the heart of Executive Search

Our Approach

  • Search matrix: this is constantly evolving to understand cultural approaches and create new talent pools in both known and unexpected areas.
  • Truth tellers: We are speakers of inconvenient truths to senior teams not prepared to invest in EDI.
  • Focus on balance: we insist upon interview panels that provide as much representation as possible.
  • Removing bias: we place technology and science-based methods at the heart of hiring.
  • We are a work in progress: Being transparent and understanding our own focus on EDI is not as advanced as we want it to be and are working hard to create positive impact.

Walking the walk

Employee support

  • Tinqwise: training to help us create a safe environment that supports the giving and receiving of feedback that creates a constructive progressive workplace.
  • Myndup: providing our employees with real-time access to mental health support that empowers our teams to be happier, healthier and more fulfilled in both their everyday lives and at work.
  • Training: moving through the Clear Company ‘Clear Assured programme’ to ensure we are all better educated to advocate for EDI.

Community Focus

Advocacy & Sponsorship

  • Membership: we are members of the Stanhope Foundation, an arm of B Corp developer Stanhope, which helps people get into work either for the first time or following a prolonged break. The Foundation partner with charities such as St Mungos, The Prince’s Trust and Maggies. Our membership includes support on three main areas: fundraising; volunteering; and supporting their networking.
  • Sponsors: 2023-24 will see us increase our sponsorship of the Bristol Bears Women’s Rugby Team whose vision is to inspire their community through sporting success.
  • Volunteering: We partner with Engineers without Borders on their ‘Engineering for People’ programme and often participate in educational conferences and events to help young talent succeed in gaining entry to university and develop their career opportunities.
  • Volunteering: Each GR employee also receives two days per year to volunteer with a charity of their choice.

Stronger Together

Working in Partnership

  • We support multiple organisations that provide access for our people to work with causes close to their own lived experience and passions, such as:
    • Real Estate Balance
    • LandAid
    • Freehold LGBT +CIC
    • Engineering Development Trust
    • Engineers Without Borders
    • International Women in Mining
    • Women in Mining
  • We often act as a pro-bono Executive Search partner, introducing new, diverse, impactful leadership to these organisations.
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