Esmeé Vermolen appointed to Senior Partner

We are delighted to announce Esmeé Vermolen has been promoted to Senior Partner, with overall responsibility at executive level for Technology, Finance and Governance.

The recognition comes following Esmeé’s appointment to the Executive Board in January 2023 after she joined as Partner the previous year. During 2023, she went on to deliver several high-impact programmes and integrate new systems across the firm.

This included a major IT change programme and re-organising the finance function alongside CEO Richard Milsom.

Overseeing the finance team, she also took on responsibility for company governance, which played a key part in the company achieving B Corp status in February 2024.

Esmeé, who is based in Rotterdam, said: "The past two and a half years have been a profound learning experience. This promotion presents a fantastic opportunity to further expand my horizons, discovering how technology, finance, and executive search can collaboratively drive influential change."

“I’m particularly looking forward to progressing our governance programme and supporting our purpose to look after our people and planet, while also supporting the financial growth of the business.”


Jamie Page, Managing Partner at Granger Reis, said: “This is well deserved recognition of an incredible year of change within the firm. Esmeé has a unique capability for innovation and deeply focused attention to detail, which is a key aspect of how we achieve our continued mission.

“Huge congratulations to Esmeé, we’re all looking forward to the next exciting part of our journey.”


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