The future of executive search starts today...

We're not fighting the old, we're building the new.

In 2021 Granger Reis has undertaken its largest transformation to date and today marks an important moment in our history. We can finally share our bold new look and what the next chapter means for our company, and most importantly you.

The team has grown rapidly over the last year and we’ve introduced a new Managing Partner, Jamie Page, and a new Head of Technology and Innovation, Esmeé Vermolen. The new team will create and drive full-scale disruption to the traditional executive search model by using incredible talent alongside technology to address the lack of diversity and inclusion (D&I) in executive placements and sustainable accountability within leadership teams.

With a renewed focus, it only made sense to reflect this in our branding and messaging.

Our guiding principles will be at the core of everything we do and will drive our new direction:

  • Inhabit change: The business landscape is emergent and needs to evolve; as inhabitants of change, we are perfectly adapted to meet its challenges.
  • Celebrate authenticity: We embrace cultural change, with a focus on Diversity and Inclusion. We don’t have all of the answers but we’re willing to change ourselves to change the industry.
  • Agility loves simplicity: We never overcomplicate things and we talk our client’s language. By learning from our actions, other cultures and businesses we harness efficient ways that utilise technology to progress.
  • Telling inconvenient truths: We tell clients and our industry what they need to hear. By challenging the status quo and championing social mobility we’ll find the leaders of tomorrow who will change the world.

The new branding is dynamic and reflects the versatility of this new era for Granger Reis whilst celebrating our Bristol roots. Take a look at our new brand video below to find out more...

This new chapter will allow us to search every corner of the world to find the people who will change it.

We’re here to create influential change.


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