Energy & Infrastructure

Our clients finance, design, build and operate the infrastructure upholding global economies. The talent we secure is responsible for essential assets affecting billions of lives. We take our role as seriously as they take theirs. When there’s this much at stake, the bar has to be set high.

The sector is evolving fast. It’s facing change: advancements in technology and analytics we cannot foresee, the pressure to build a more sustainable world, the need to innovate. An uncertain future demands transformation: brand new ways for infrastructure projects to be delivered.

Our clients need leadership capable of navigating this challenge. Individuals with vision, drive and resilience. Leaders who will inspire. We make sure that they find them.

Social Infrastructure & Commercial Building:

Across development, construction and social infrastructure for both public and private sectors, from fund management to developers, designers to advisors, contractors to delivery specialists and more, we find the exceptional.


From those that physically manage and maintain our transport infrastructure to those that take care of us as customers when we travel, our experience in rail, air, highways, ports, and logistics is unrivalled. Whether recruiting for infrastructure and transport operators, manufacturers, professional services or contractors, we know who they need.


Supporting the entire lifespan: those responsible for generating and transmitting power as well as those safely managing and maintaining the infrastructure required to support the sector, to our clients we are a trusted partner.


Working with the regulated companies responsible for providing key utilities as well as the specialist services supporting gas, water, electricity and telecoms, we are equipped to support sectors where safety is critical and paramount, and the right talent equally so.

We know these sectors. We know what they’re facing. And we know just who they’ll need to lead the charge.