Energy & Infrastructure

Energy & Infrastructure leaders face the opportunity – and challenge – of our time: build the sustainable assets of the future, fast.

This task is focused on effectively and efficiently transitioning to new energy, unlocking finance, creating different ways of working, and embracing new technologies.

Its success will be dependent on building resilient and sustainable ecosystems around infrastructure and beyond for generations to come.

Transport and mobility, energy supply and security, connected cities and asset operations – the list of the critical touchpoints is as long as it is complex.

Executive teams across global infrastructure and energy need next gen individuals who can create and lead the development of Net Zero and climate risk mitigation, grid decarbonisation, scaling renewables and more.

We search our planet, to find the people who will change it for the better

We work with some of the world’s largest infrastructure investment and asset operations who already stand at the forefront of this international movement.

Our areas of expertise

  • Transport & Mobility
  • Energy Transition
  • Utilities

Our search capability and networks seek to operate ahead of current market demand. Predicting trends and talent moves drives our ambition.

We understand how interlinked the new world is and how transferable skills, expertise and experience has become. And, with a focus on ESG, we develop systems aimed at finding diverse talent with the proven capability to create successful outcomes.

With strong talent insights across mainland Europe, the UK, USA and Canada, and Australia, we reach senior changemakers committed to solving tomorrow’s problems today.

Join us as we build this new future together.

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